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Our Havanese Family

When we fell in love with the Havanese Breed, we decided we would do everything we could to raise exceptionally healthy, breed standard, well rounded, cheerful and sound puppies. We conduct our breeding program with loving care and attention to every important detail.

Our puppies are raised in our house with constant love, attention, and proper socialization to ensuring your puppy begins their life with the foundation needed to be a wonderful companion. We hope we can provide you with a new best friend that will bring you many smiles for years to come.

Abuelas Havanese Puppy Health and Care

Our dogs eat the finest home cooked foods and get lots of exercise daily. We only breed dogs that have passed their health tests suggested by the Havanese Club of America. All OFA certifications are available to you.

  • Our dogs’ eyes are examined annually for heritable cataracts by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist and registered with the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) at Purdue University.
  • We check for patella luxation, (slipping of the kneecaps), our dogs are certified "normal" by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).
  • Hearing is BAER tested, and certified "normal" in both ears.
  • Hearts are monitored by a cardiologist/veterinian and certified "normal" with the OFA.
  • Hips are X-rayed for hip dysplacia after 2 years of age and certified with OFA*.
    *In attempt to minimize risk to our healthy dogs, we only preform X-Rays when they go in for a dental or another procedure that also require anesthetics.

Puppy Adoption

We will only have one to two litters per year. Our puppies are microchipped at the time of their comprehensive health screening by my vet at 8 weeks of age. They go home with food, toys, a crate, leash and collar, copies of the CERF certificates from mom and dad, in other words, everything you need for you and your puppy to start a perfect relationship.

We provide you with written instructions regarding shot/vaccination records, feeding instructions, grooming instructions, grooming supplies and recommendations.

You are also provided instructions for completion of the microchip information needed to register the chip with AKC Companion Animal Recover System. We use the Home Again chip, the most popular in the USA. The microchips are used to permanently identifiy animals in case of loss. Most humane societies and rescue groups now have microchip readers. This enables the facility to contact the owners.

General Questions:

1. Do you have a waiting list?
We do keep a waiting list when no puppies are available. These are approved application with a paid deposit. Normally, this is done when we have pending arrivals.

2. Do you require I fill out an application?
Yes, we do! It is very important to us that our puppies be placed in loving, caring, healthy environments. Havanese require a lot of human companionship, love and socialization, therefore we feel we must carefully screen each prospective home.

3. Will you give me References?
Yes. We would be glad to provide you with owner and vet references, personal references.

4. When can my new puppy come home?
We allow puppies to go to their forever home when they are 10-12 weeks old.

5. Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes, we guarantee your puppy for life. We guarantee that you can return your puppy/dog at any time during its life, no questions asked. We also guarantee the puppy from any genetic disorders, which would significantly shorten the lifespan of your pet, for 1 year. Our contract will explain this guarantee in full detail.

6. Can you ship my puppy to me?
Please see our Shipping Page using the link on the top of this page.

7. Where do you live?
We live in Central Arkansas, just outside of Little Rock. The closest airport to us is Adams Field in Little Rock.

8. Do you allow us to breed or stud our dog?
No, we do not... Unless your puppy is sold as a show puppy, you will not receive breeding rights and in fact, your pet must be spayed or neutered by the age of 12 months. Your puppy will have AKC limited registration. If you breed or stud your dog anyway, its offspring will not be eligible for AKC registration and you would be in violation of your contract.

9. Do we have to sign a contract?
Yes, you do! This is for your protection, the puppy’s protection, as well as ours. This will ensure there to be no misunderstandings or misrepresentations.


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